Chester, England, c1880s

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Copies (JPEG) of 26 lithographs (sepia) of scenes of Chester, England, c1880s: (Charles, Reynolds & Co London)

The Castle; Cathedral (South view); Cathedral (North view); Cathedral West front; Cathedral Choir (East view); Cathedral Choir (West view); Cathedral Bishopís Throne; Cathedral Cloisters; City of Chester; Bridge Street; The Cross & Eastgate Street; Eccleston Ferry; Museum or Water Tower; Godís Providence House; Grosvenor Bridge; Hawarden Castle; Eastgate Row; King Charles Tower; Chester Oldest House; Pembertonís Parlor; Ruins St Johnís Priory; Causeway & St Johnís Church; St Johnís Church; Chester Walls & Race Course; Bishop Lloyd's House; Edgar House; Palace of the Stanleys; Dee Bridge & Old Mill.